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What Does a Civil Engineer Do?

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

In the case of real estate development, a civil engineer is a licensed professional who specializes in creating and designing plans needed for construction. Most (if not all) municipal planning and development departments require plans made and stamped by a licensed civil engineer, who is trusted by city planners to create plans in correlation with city planning codes and zoning requirements.

Civil engineers have a civil engineering degree from a recognized university, and need to be registered with the state they work in. To be registered in Arizona, an engineer must complete an application with personal identification requirements, show college transcripts, include field experience records and supervisor/reference forms, and submit other relevant personal documents before receiving pre-authorization approval completing the Engineer Fundamentals Exam. Those who pass the exam are able to practice their profession in the state.

Our growing civil engineering team has over 20 years of experience working on residential planning in Arizona as well as in other states and provinces. This experience helps them deliver the best possible plans and designs to our clients with project success as their main goal. This includes considering the needs of our clients and suggesting recommended changes (where applicable) that would best accomplish project approval by the city planning department, and more importantly ensure a better development is produced.

Not only will our civil engineers assist in the plan development process, but our consulting team offers plan submittal services. This involves creating an account with the city’s planning and development department, submitting all the necessary documents, attending city meetings, communicating redlines, comments, questions and concerns to the client and engineer(s), and resubmitting any changes suggested by the city until approvals are received. We can conduct this process on our client’s behalf and welcome client involvement wherever they feel comfortable.

Contact WALL2WALL Consultancy today to learn how we can help you through the planning process.

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